The Intersection Between Vulnerability & Creativity: A Chat w/JD Edwin, Author of the Headspace Series
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The Intersection Between Vulnerability & Creativity: A Chat w/JD Edwin, Author of the Headspace Series

In this episode, I bring back one of my favorite writers and guests.

JD Edwin is a science fiction and urban fantasy author who believes the first goal of fiction is FUN! She is the author of the Headspace series, an easy-to-read, action-packed science fiction trilogy published by Story Cartel Press.

Headspace (book 1)
Master of the Arena (book 2)
Orb Hunters (book 3)

JD's Website

Our first chat was two years ago, just after JD had published the first in her Headspace series, and then I had her back a year later after she published the second. She’s not only completed that series, but she’s onto to another series. I haven’t gotten to the third in the series, but the first two were amazing.

My first interview w/JD on Dose of Depth
Our second chat on Dose of Depth

One thing that I really was intrigued about was JD’s use of non-binary story telling. She doesn’t describe characters by gender.

Today, we’re going to talk about the intersection of vulnerability and creativity. I’ll start with this truth: The unconscious – personal and collective – seeks to create. Your unconscious seeks to create. Create what? You might ask.

It was JD’s idea to talk about this topic. It seems our first chat inspired her journey to get to know herself a little deeper. 

 So, let’s get started . . .

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