Reshaping Justice: A Chat with Mary Triggiano, Ret. Chief Judge & Director of the Andrew Center for Restorative Justice
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Reshaping Justice: A Chat with Mary Triggiano, Ret. Chief Judge & Director of the Andrew Center for Restorative Justice

In this episode, I’m excited to have a chat with someone from my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She’s as passionate as I am about making the world a better place. I met Mary Triggiano decades ago when she was the managing attorney for Legal Action of Wisconsin, the state’s largest nonprofit law firm committed to ensuring access to the justice system especially for those least able to afford it.

Since I last connected with Mary, she’s lived a full professional life, including working as a judge in children’s court, domestic violence court, and the civil division, as well as serving as chief judge for the Wisconsin judicial district that includes Milwaukee County.

In her quest to help reshape the justice system to be more humanistic through especially a restorative practices approach, Mary has accomplished so much in the court system, from launching and expanding initiatives, including addressing root issues within families to get them back on track so children that had been removed can be returned to their families and have a better chance to heal and succeed, and programs to better serve the most vulnerable victims, babies impacted by substance use.

Mary seemed like the perfect candidate to be hired recently as the first permanent director of Marquette University Law School’s Andrew Center for Restorative Justice. I feel lucky to get some time with her as she’s still settling into her new role.

You know me, I’m going to bring my depth psychology lens to this critical topic of justice.

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