Guided Active Imagination for Anxiety (and other negative emotions)
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Guided Active Imagination for Anxiety (and other negative emotions)

This episode is for people suffering from anxiety or other negative emotions, like overwhelm, guilt, panic, feeling trapped, fear, sadness, etc.

I will guide you through some breath work and connecting with the parts of the body where those emotions are gathered. Then we will invite your unconscious to attach an image to that area of the body. The image could be visual, a sensation, color, temperature, a memory, a person, or even a scene.

Next, I'll guide you in communicating with the images and asking them to move out of your body so you can get a better look, ask the image some questions, and maybe even get an answer or a clue.

The exercise will help you detach from the burden of thoughts and emotions. You will learn how to be the observer instead of feeling overwhelmed.

If you like this, and want a guided experience that focuses on thoughts, along with a more open experience of active imagination, listen to Come Breathe & Imagine.


Deborah Lukovich, PhD

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