Yasmine Tanres - Fostering Unity in News & TV
Women Road WarriorsMay 07, 2024
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Yasmine Tanres - Fostering Unity in News & TV

Television is night and day from what it used to be. More people are represented but there are still stereotypes to overcome. Yasmine Tanres is amplifying voices from marginalized communities as the lead host and co-producer of A Look into Our America on Chime TV. This young broadcast journalist is taking the stage to stop stereotypes with a show designed to foster unity. Yasmine also interviews A-list celebrities for Golden TV. She was recognized as the Top Face of Hollywood by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Yasmine brings an international and multicultural flair to her work. Her world travels have given her a unique understanding of many people. She is a captivating force in media and brings a British charm with Spanish and Chinese heritage. Be sure to tune into this compelling interview on Women Road Warriors with Shelley M. Johnson when she learns more about Yasmine and her trailblazing journey to give the marginalized a voice.







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