Living the dream with 16 year-old author Shanti Hershenson
Living the Dream with CurveballDecember 01, 2023x
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Living the dream with 16 year-old author Shanti Hershenson

16 year-old author Shanti Hershenson shares her journey to publishing over 15 books and building a writing career at a young age. After finding extra time during the pandemic, Shanti wrote her first sci-fi novel and quickly fell in love with writing. Now it's part of her daily routine. She gives tips like writing a set amount each day to develop a habit. Shanti also uses her books to spread awareness about bullying, having experienced it herself. Balancing writing with school keeps her busy, but she's learned to plan and prioritize. Already accomplished yet humble, Shanti is sure to motivate aspiring authors of any age to start writing. Her persistence proves anything is possible with consistent effort.

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